About Us

Creating seamless commerce between partners, brands and the consumer.

Companies and merchants worldwide put their trust in Epteca to sell more products, and make more money, all while providing a new service to their customers. It’s what we do.

By curating merchandise and services for travelers, the innovative platform brings together and contextualizes in one marketplace what are now highly fragmented offerings from many different brands. The Epteca Marketplace Ecosystem brings the perfect products, services and activities directly to the customer at the right place and time when they are ready to buy. Using profile data and predictive algorithms that match context and intent, Epteca can accurately anticipate what customers are likely to want, need or do during their trip, and reach them with ‘smart-selling and marketing’ to dramatically increase profits and create a positive brand relationship. Epteca delivers “the right offering, presented to the right customer, at the right place and the right time” to sell more stuff - guaranteed.

Our Mantra

Saving the world from irrelevant content by putting each additional offering into the right context for each customer.

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