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Published on 10.10.2017

Air Europa and Epteca Team Up to Enhance Personalization and Passenger Experience

Leading Spanish airline to introduce a unique onboard in-flight entertainment solution with personalized concierge-style offers powered by Epteca’s engagement platform.

Epteca, the innovative platform ecosystem that provides marketplace capabilities to airlines, OTA’s, tour operators and hotels to offer travelers value-adding merchandise and services in addition to their trip, today announced that they have added Air Europa to their rapidly growing list of over 60 travel industry clients. In close cooperation with Lufthansa Systems and their new BoardConnect in-flight entertainment (IFE) solution, the integrated Epteca ancillary platform will be rolled out across the Air Europa fleet of Boeing 737s and Embraer 195s starting in early 2018.

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Published on 21.12.2016

Airports have discovered how to make people happier about waiting for their planes

​"Twenty, thirty years ago, there was Duty Free, a kiosk and that was about it for an airport terminal," said Bojan Jokic, co-founder of Epteca, a Swiss-based firm that works with companies to increase sales and services to travelers. "With some of these airports now, if you didn't know you were at an airport, you'd think you were at the shopping mall somewhere." Jokic said terminals and airports are increasingly becoming more like real estate companies than public transportation utilities.

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Published on 21.11.2016

Why Irrelevant Advertising Kills the Customer

Personalised marketing has come a long way since the famous scene in Steven Spielberg's scientific mystery-thriller Minority Report, where Tom Cruise's character walks through a luxurious shopping mall of the future and is besieged by sensor-triggered branded messagesspoken by pre-programmed voice bots pretending to be personal.

Today many retailers are still trying to entertain and engage consumers by boosting their brand selfies. Others, however, are using intelligent data that helps them to anticipate customers' needs long before they need them. And they are doing this by personalising micro moments of marketing throughout the customer's journey.

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Published on 24.10.2016

Lufthansa Systems promises to take personalised in-flight tech to higher level

​Contextual marketing platform Epteca is working with Lufthansa Systems to bring customised messages and content to passengers before, during and after a flight. 

The agreement gives Lufthansa Systems BoardConnect service the ability to present information and offers to passengers based on their browsing behaviour and profile. 

The process behind it uses Epteca's bank of retail brands to ensure that any marketing material is only served when it is relevant to the passenger on-board.

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Published on 24.10.2016

Lufthansa Systems expands partner network for BoardConnect

Lufthansa Systems today announced that it is expanding its partner network for the BoardConnect inflight entertainment platform.

With Epteca, a new partner in the field of ancillary revenues, airlines can show their passengers individualized information from the time they start researching a trip, through the booking process, all the way to the journey itself. Ancillary revenues are passenger services that bring in additional revenue for both the airlines and their partners. Besides booking options for hotels, tourist attractions and tickets, this includes new and enhanced advertising opportunities.

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Published on 21.01.2016

Stop Marketing Like It’s 2015 and Get Ready to Market Like It’s 2016

​Everywhere you turn, you’re being sold something and for many, these marketing messages seemingly fall on deaf ears. Customers are bombarded daily with (mostly) irrelevant and untimely content. Brands and retailers must not only consider the wants and needs of individual consumers, but also proactively anticipate their behavior and preferences - then engage with them on their terms. 

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Published on 05.01.2016

Epteca Experiences Landmark Year with Record Growth

​Epteca today announced 321% year-over-year growth, closing out 2015 with record-breaking momentum. This further validates the company's leading 'smart-selling' marketplace platform, which enables travel brands and advertisers to increase revenue by delivering relevant, purchasable ancillaries to enhance the customers' journey.

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Published on 19.11.2015

Travel spending has increased by $48B – so what are travelers spending money on?

​The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) recently released data on the spending habits of tourists in 2014, which put $1.2 trillion back into the global economy — an increase of $48 billion from the previous year. The same report revealed that receipts from international visitors spending on accommodation, food and drink, entertainment, shopping and other services and goods reached an estimated US$ 1,245 billion (euro 937 billion) in 2014, an increase of 3.7%.

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Published on 03.11.2015

TimeResQ Selects Epteca to Complete the Perfect Travel Experience

​Visionary global concierge service TimeResQ has selected Epteca to help them meet travelers needs with perfect offerings before, during and after their trip. This partnership opens up for an entirely new sector and approach of offerings to travelers – completing the “perfect travel experience”.

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Published on 21.10.2015

Epteca to Enter “The Lions Den” at the Innovation Summit Mega Event Worldwide

​Attendees at the 2015 Innovation Summit Mega Event will be introduced to Epteca’s unique ‘smart-selling’ marketplace platform, which enables brands worldwide to increase revenue while serving customers needs with the industry’s most unique contextual marketing platform. The company CEO and co-founder Bojan Jokic will be presenting their technology during the event’s showcase of new products and services to  industry executives.

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Published on 17.09.2015

The $6 Billion Digital Advertising Dilemma

​Digital advertising was once touted as the holy grail of marketing because it was dynamic, targeted and easily measurable – therefore quantifiable. Nearly half of marketers plan to boost their investments in digital channels this year, reports Forrester Research, and 43% of respondents said they are still experimenting with digital marketing and do not yet know what works.

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Published on 21.08.2015

Discover the Future of Ancillary Revenue Success Using Personalization

​Airlines can unlock a new source of revenue with personalized ancillary sales that will please travelers instead of leaving them indifferent. Perfect offerings that will increase profits are waiting for passengers, and they are very different from the dreaded fees for checked baggage, preferred seating, Wi-Fi, in-flight meals, or the redemption of frequent flier points.

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Published on 15.07.2015

Are Airports the Shopping Mall of the Future?

​In the latter half of the 20th century, the world experienced a love affair with enclosed shopping malls and shopping centers, which popped up all over the United States and Europe. The shopping mall was the mecca of baby boomer consumerism; a symbol as much as a place to shop, as can be seen in any number of teen movies from decades past.

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Published on 26.05.2015

Copy Ikea to stretch your brand into long-tail product, says Epteca

Iconic Swedish home furnishing retailer Ikea now makes $1 billion a year by selling food to its customers in its in-store restaurants. For Bojan Jokic, chief executive and co-founder of Epteca, a new ancillaries marketplace, this fact epitomises why travel firms should seek to increase their earning power by expanding their product range.

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Published on 14.05.2015

Rescue Your Brand from Captivity

​Escape the prison that your brand storytelling is trapped in and reach customers directly.

Our world is an amalgamation of stories, worldviews and beliefs, and our current industrial model was created to manufacture wants and needs. Since the first days of commerce, brands have been investing oceans of energy and resources to build substance and meaning to their offering using storytelling (like P&G's recent "Pick Them Back Up" campaign) and to promote those benefits.

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Published on 28.04.2015

For Agents: A Painless Way to Deal with Ancillaries

​Travel agents have for several years grappled with how to deal with airlines’ ancillary products. But in the not-too-distant future they, too, will be able play in the ancillary game relatively painlessly.

It’s already happening in Europe.

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Published on 22.04.2015

Epteca selected as Traveltech Lab start-up

​Epteca has been selected as one of 13 companies from over 100 that applied to be part of the Traveltech Lab, the UK’s first-ever incubator for travel technology start-ups.

The Traveltech Lab, created by London & Partners and The Trampery, will connect tech start-ups and their ideas to the big corporates who need to stay ahead of the competition through technology.

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Published on 26.03.2015

Traveltech Lab profile: Travel firms use Epteca platform to target new revenue streams

​Travolution picked up on our latest success story.

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Published on 25.03.2015

Industry Disruptor Epteca Kicks Off 2015 With Record Growth and Thirteen New Clients

Epteca ignites and launches a new travel brand client every week to ‘sell more stuff’ and generate incremental ancillary revenue using their smart selling marketplace

Epteca, the innovative platform that gives marketplace capabilities to tour operators, hotels, airlines, OTA’s and travel agencies to sell relevant merchandise in addition to their trip, today announced they have added thirteen new travel companies to their rapidly growing portfolio of clients. Epteca has launched seven new brands since January 2015, and six more are coming in the next two months. In addition, the company is also currently expanding into new markets: Norway, Switzerland, and Austria.


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Published on 11.03.2015

London's first Traveltech Lab opens with royal approval

The travel technology scene in London was given a massive boost and royal endorsement last night as the first Traveltech Lab for start-ups was officially opened.

It now has 13 companies, including Epteca, taking the 30 seats including new tours and activities marketplaces, a big data specialist, a virtual reality developer and specialist social networks for travellers.

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Published on 11.03.2015

Duke of York opens UK’s first travel tech incubator to support start-up growth

​The UK’s first-ever incubator for travel technology start-ups has been opened by HRH The Duke of York, KG at an official ceremony.

London & Partners’ goal is for London to become the number one city in the world for travel technology startups, and it is hoped that the incubator will help support the development of the next, Citymapper, AirBnB, or Skyscanner. Over 100 companies applied for space in the new facility, including businesses from Germany, China and the United States - and Epteca was chosen as one of them.

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Published on 11.03.2015

MATCHING SUPPLY AND DEMAND: Epteca marketplace ecosystem

​By collectively building a marketplace ecosystem, we create new revenue opportunities and reshape how travellers are served relevant items for purchase in all the different phases of their travel experience.

Here are the key elements that define a successful ancillary merchandising and selling strategy focused on the traveller.

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Published on 11.03.2015

The New Epteca Marketplace Ecosystem Brings Together Travel Companies, Suppliers of Goods and Services and Travellers

​The travel ecosystem seems destined for a fundamental shift, given the connectivity blooming among buyers, suppliers, travellers and travel companies working together to differentiate their services for an enhanced customer experience. Global studies provide a wake-up call to travel industry players (airlines, travel agencies and hotels), showing that third party ancillary sales will grow ten times faster than general sales in travel.

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Published on 25.02.2015

Trail Blazer Epteca Introduces “Smart Selling” Ancillaries Marketplace for Travel Companies to Sell More Stuff

Epteca introduces a revolutionary ‘smart selling’ platform with white label mobile app that connects travel companies to people through predictive insight technology to build a better, more targeted form of e-commerce. Giants like Ebay and Amazon may dominate selling merchandise online but now Epteca delivers these powerful marketplace capabilities to tour operators, hotels, airlines, OTA’s and travel agencies to sell relevant products and services directly to their customers before, during and right after their trip.

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Published on 25.02.2015

Real-Time Contextual Selling

​Travel companies maximize profits and customer benefits with dynamic Marketplace Platform of travel related products and services tailored to individual customer profiles.

Epteca introduces a revolutionary ‘smart selling’ platform with white label mobile app that connects travel companies to people through predictive insight technology to build a better, more targeted form of e-commerce.

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Published on 03.02.2015

HRG creates Fraedom, Seekda launches platform, Epteca unveils ancillary platform, and more…

​Epteca unveils travel merchandising platform for white label mobile apps.

The Swiss company that specialises in “contextual selling” has developed a “Smart Selling” ancillaries marketplace for travel companies.

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Published on 25.11.2014

Dawson & Sanderson aims to boost ancillary sales - Agency signs up to use Epteca service

​Travel agency Dawson & Sanderson has signed up a new system to help boost its ancillary sales.

The agency has partnered with Epteca to push relevant retail product sales through mobile and email to its customers.

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Published on 21.11.2014

UK travel agent Dawson & Sanderson strikes Epteca deal to boost ancillary sales

Dawson & Sanderson Travel is to provide more travel ancillaries in a deal with Swiss-based specialist Epteca.

The deal by the independent agency chain wlll allow for real-time contextual selling of travel ancillaries.

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Published on 10.11.2014 shares the news about Epteca's participation in PhoCusWright Conference

Epteca is an IT platform and process for selling ancillary products and services to travellers. Several ex-Kuoni managers are involved in the start-up. Epteca was selected as one of the most innovative companies in travel.

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Published on 13.03.2014

Let us do your shopping!

A Swiss supplier is targeting the trade with its service providing essential holiday items to clients. Bojan Jokic, co-founder of Epteca, tells Chloe Clam how it works.

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Published on 25.11.2013

New personalised ancillary service launches

A Swiss-based firm has opened a UK office so it can offer its ‘contextualised’ ancillary sales service to UK travel companies.

The company, called epteca, is looking to work with travel agents, tour operators, airlines and other travel firms to offer a pre, during and post-holiday product delivery service using its own technology and operation.

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Published on 22.11.2013

Swiss holiday essentials supplier strikes deal to enter UK market

​A Swiss company that provides the simple things people need on holiday - from adaptor plugs to nappies - is to launch into the UK market. Epteca offers travellers holiday essentials on arrival.

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Published on 21.11.2013

On Holiday Group signs with Epteca

On Holiday Group has become the first UK customer of Swiss-based company epteca, which helps travel companies sells ancillary products to their customers.

The 'contextual selling' company, which officially launched in the UK this week, is looking to sign deals with other travel suppliers who want to expand their revenue streams.

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