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Epteca and its unique marketing and selling ecosystem helps you, the perfect customer by presenting your great offerings to the right person, in the right context, and always at the right time and place.

Work with us and benefit from access to our huge and exponentially growing base of perfect customers.
Work with us and benefit from our unique customer segmentation, like no other platform can offer you, resulting in an industry leading click-through rate of more than 24%.
Work with us and experience the guarantee of absolute promotion integrity with zero fraud and high customer satisfaction.

Seize this opportunity and maximize growth for your business with us.


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Thank you for your interest in working with Epteca.
Please help us answer a few short questions about you and your offering.

To work with us you’ll need

  1. Online shop
  2. PCI-certified payment solution
  3. Customer telephone support
  4. Affiliate tracking system
  5. Smartphone friendly website
  6. I fulfil these mandatory requirements


  1. General
  2. What is Epteca offering?
  3. What are my benefits when working with Epteca?
  4. Is my website or app eligible for partnering with Epteca? / Which criteria does a potential qualified advertiser have to fulfill?
  5. How do I get started?
  6. Campaign
  7. Where and how will my offering appear?
  8. What are success criteria / KPI's of Epteca?
  9. How quickly can I get started?
  10. How does Epteca ensure a constant improvement and optimization during the run of the campaign?
  11. How does Epteca guarantee promotion integrity and the prevention of fraud? / How do I know that Epteca is only sending relevant traffic to my website?
  12. Costs
  13. What are our costs?
  14. What currency does Epteca use?
  15. How do I get billed?